New requirements for smoke alarms and detectors

May 11, 2017by Kevin Egilmez0

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recently released new standards for smoke alarms and detectors that include many changes from previous editions, most notably the addition of three new fire tests. The next generation of smoke alarms and smoke detectors that comply with the new standards will be equipped with more advanced sensors and algorithms that will better detect smoke from smoldering foam commonly used in household furniture as well as work better to distinguish the difference between a smoldering fire and cooking smoke reducing nuisance alarms. For code authorities, system designers and installers, no immediate action is required for the changes. Manufacturers will have until May 2020 to redesign their products to meet the new requirements. UL expects that the traditional, single-sensor detectors will not meet the new test requirements and not be manufactured after May 2020. Read more from UL about the revised smoke alarm and smoke detector requirements at

Reprinted with permission CCLD Review – Spring 2017

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